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We are characterized by an adequate, practical and result-oriented approach and respond to current developments based on our own clear vision.
We are customer oriented and aware of the current media, which can yield a considerable profit.
Every service that we provide is complete and efficient under the motto: Think first and then act useful!
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The universe developed 13.7 billion years ago and our earth formed 4.57 billion years ago. Our planet positioned in the galaxy which is a small part of the cosmos.
With a speed of 107.200 km per hour or 30 km per second the earth moves around the sun. Our galaxy turns around in the Milky Way and that takes 220 million years at a speed of 220 km per second.

In the past century a technical evolution has developed in which, in high speed, the globe has been made smaller, not in size but in communication and travelling.
In the 16th century the coast was guarded by watch-towers which could ‘directly’ warn the next watch-tower with smoke signals and in that way they knew after about an hour they had to mobilize.

Nowadays it is possible to send a signal with a speed of 100.000 Giga hertz. At this moment a signal can be sent all over the world in a millisecond. If our computer does not react within a millisecond we get irritated, while we move as we walk about 4 km per hour.
Mankind is always looking for appliances to make things easier (for himself), to get information faster and to create a wider network.

In relationship to our technological means it is not important for many trades and professions where you are on this earth as Globe Care can give enough help.

In case of digital processes, in whatever form, App Developments can take care of development, management, consultancy and support from rudimentary phase up to aftercare of your product.

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