App Developments

We are characterized by an adequate, practical and result-oriented approach and respond to current developments based on our own clear vision.
We are customer oriented and aware of the current media, which can yield a considerable profit.
Every service that we provide is complete and efficient under the motto: Think first and then act useful!
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App@ Developments is an independent multi disciplined technological advice- and management company with Know-how regarding the realisation of websites and applications. App@Developments supports the whole process of the development of website and / or application. We take care of the whole route for you from the moment of the idea until sale. Even if you use your website or app as part of your strategy we support the whole route. If it is about the whole route or part of it like preparation, realisation, management, marketing, affiliations, certificating, back offices, front offices, push modification, consultation, SSL, geo loction, documentation, mobile solutions, etc. With us you will find the connection you are looking for.

Besides, App@Developments has the expertise that supports the area of specific technical questions.

App@Developments is in general involved responsibly with the development process for the whole or part aspect of it.

App@Developments is  multi disciplined and advises about all mobile devices and related aspects and gives an optimal support during the realisation and exploitation.

If it concerns technical and economic plans then App@Developments is your partner who can compare those costs profits, planning and procedures against the set goals.

App@Developments distinguishes itself by an adequate, practical and resolving strategy  and goes along with actual development from their own clear vision.

To be up to date of the most recent norms, rules and knowing the importance of those taking initiatives, app stores, advertisements, users, programmers, etc., App@Developments has the total integrated scenario to assist you with knowledge and initiative and to support the total as economically as possible.

App@Developments operates worldwide and checks her quality by using a quality management system.

Each service realised by App@Developments  has been done completely and efficiently using the slogan:

Think first and then do usefully!

All services will be done expertly, quickly and thanks to appropriate automation applying advanced technics and the exact knowledge.

In case you want to use our services please be free to contact us via the contact form " contact".